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An Outrageous Design by Artist Bill Buth.
This is a real free-form 'continuous' Hot Pink LED tube on an abstract hand painted canvas.
'Continuous' LED tube is a resin product that very closely mimics real neon tubes. It uses low-voltage, is extremely long-lasting, and virtually unbreakable. Very suitable for a kids' room or areas where neon glass may be subject to breakage.
Signed by the Artist.
The overall size is 46" x 15", and it can hang vertically or horizontally.

The power supply is attached to the back.
This unit hangs on the wall like a picture,
and plugs into a standard outlet and there is a line cord on-off switch.
This piece is handmade by me here in Southern Arizona, and each one is different.
You need this...

I make this to order and will be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Call 520-409-2090 or email bill@desertneon.com for questions.
Like any lamp that incorporates electricity, this piece is not meant for children.