Airplane Real Neon Wall Hanging Art Plane Aircraft Sculpture

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A Neon Airplane, crafted in 2 dimensions in real neon.
Approximately 18" high X 18" wide; in Rich Blue and Clear Red neon.
(If you would like this piece in different colors, message me and I will let you know what can be done.)
The neon tubes are mounted to an opaque black backing; the power supply is attached behind the backing. This piece hangs on the wall like a picture and plugs into a standard outlet.
This is a work of art, that, with proper care will last many years.
This piece is handmade by me here in Southern Arizona; every one is slightly different, and is signed and dated.
Real, quality neon tubes don't burn out like incandescent or florescent bulbs. With virtually no maintenance, a piece like this will last many years.
Shipping charge includes includes insurance. This piece is handmade to order, and ships in approximately 3-4 weeks.
Like any lamp that incorporates real glass and electricity, this piece is not meant for children.
Custom sizes and colors also available.
Please contact me if you have any questions:  520-409-2090.

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