LED Handmade Coffee Table

Boomerang LED Neon-Like Art MidCentury Modern Retro Design Coffee Table FREE SHIPPING!

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A unique take on a timeless design.
The top of the table is 1/2" thick solid frosted acrylic, with
a sturdy painted wood base, and handmade steel legs with painted wood ball feet.
Top is 35" wide x 24" deep.
Overall height is 21".
This is a 'Continuous LED' that closely resembles real neon, except that it is much more durable. Don't mistake this quality product for cheap rope lights.
Plugs into a standard outlet.
Each one of these is handmade to order by me here in Southern Arizona, and slightly different.

I make these to order, and they ship to you in 2-4 weeks.
FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US!!!
NOTE: this piece requires some assembly; the legs are removed for shipping, but are easily attached with an common wrench.

This is a real art piece, hand made, and
meant to last many years with minimum care.
Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Call: 520-409-2090

Email: bill@desertneon.com