Cat LED-Neon Art End Table Original Design Hand Made Light Sculpture

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The black cat on each side of the table sandwich a green continuous LED light.

The 'continuous LED' is not a rope light, but an illuminated flexible optic that mimics glass neon, but is less vulnerable. It's extremely durable, and it is fixed to the inside of the 'cat'.
The photos do not do this piece justice.
Green glass eyes light up on both sides.
19" wide x 22" high x 22" deep;
The cat rides on 'fish' base and has a 3/8" thick glass top.
Plugs into a standard outlet.
Signed by the artist.
This is a real neon art piece, hand made to order here in Southern Arizona, and
meant to last many years with minimum care. It will be ready to ship in 2-4 weeks.
Please contact me with any questions or comments:  520-409-2090

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