pink flamingo LED end table

Flamingo LED Art Table

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You will not find this outrageous table anywhere else. The plastic 'original' lawn flamingo is holding up a 14" diameter 1 " thick frosted, extremely tough and durable translucent resin table top.
This guy has steel legs, and phony shrubbery, and the base is hand painted concrete so
the bird won't run all over the house.
The color is created by a 'continuous' LED which closely mimics neon in color and look. It is more durable, and like neon, lasts indefinitely.
This photo doesn't show the intensity of the light, which illuminates the translucent table top and also downlights the Flamingo.
The overall height is approximately 30", and plugs into a standard outlet.

FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US!
This is a real neon art piece, hand made by me here in Southern Arizona and
meant to last many years with minimum care. I make these to order, and I will be ready to ship this unique bird to you in 3-4 weeks.
Please contact me with any questions or comments..


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