Industrial Handmade 'Tesla' Steampunk Outdoor Porch Lamp Light Edison Bulb Machine Age Wall Hanging Retro Design Exterior

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This is my all steel exterior lamp design with retro perforated shade, and is handmade by me here in Southern Arizona. All steel parts are either 'cut-offs' or recycled remnants, and are unpainted so as to not diminish the industrial look, but 'clear-coated' to resist rusting. All electrical parts are new, UL-listed components. This lamp is meant to hang on an exterior wall over a flush-mounted electrical box, and has to be hard-wired, so installation should only be done by someone with electrical knowledge. The 'shade' height is approximately 14", and overall height is approximately 19".
Comes with 60 watt retro 'Edison' bulb.
Please note because all of my lamps are hand-made with mostly 'remnants' and 'cut-offs', there may be slight scratches and small pits, which add to the individual character of the lamp.  

Hand Made-to-order and ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.
***This lamp, like ALL of my lamps, will take any 'standard' light bulb, including the CFL (squiggly) bulbs. You do not need an 'Edison' bulb to make this lamp work, but they do look nice!****

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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